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Hi definition films members area shows high quality photosets and Hi Def videos measuring 1280x720.

Young attractive ladies get thier bare bottoms soundly punished. Over the spanking, slippering, strapping and caning is inflicted on these young ladies very deserving bottoms.

All filming is done in high definition using multiple angles to give, not only the best quality video but also different views of the punishments taking place. This includes overall shots of the entire punishment scene showing the punisher administering. Also close ups of the submissive ladies face as the punishment is applied and close up's of the ladies bottoms as punishment is applied hard.


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To join by credit card costs £20 for 30 days This join option is smart recurring. When your membership is ready to renue you are contacted and given the choice to cancel or renue.

There is also the option to join for 3 months for £40.

Joining by direct debit is no longer available.
1-900 billing is available at $30 per 7 days.
SMS billing is also available. Billing depends on operator.



On the right you will see the preview film. To save this film, right click them and save to your machine. DO NOT attempt to just click them once and play striaght from the site because it wont work properly. The films are far too large in file size and bit rate to attempt to play like that. Save to your machine and then play with quicktime once it's on your own machine.

All members films on this site are in quicktime 7 and measure 1280x720 and are filmed in true high def.

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All our films are in HD. Older films are Quicktime .mov format, newer ones in .mp4. To play them you need an upto date version of quicktime. To download quicktime go to

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If you follow the above suggestions the quality of videos you get to view will be the best possible.

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